What is an endowed scholarship?

  An endowed scholarship is a permanent fund in which the principal remains intact and invested at all times. Scholarships are awarded from the allocated income earned on the principal investment.    

What is the minimum investment required to start an endowment at Johnson C. Smith University?

  At the time this endowment was established, the minimum requirement of the University was $25,000. 

How much money has the endowment raised to date?

  Please contact one of the individuals listed in the Contacts tab for updated fund information.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. As with most university contributions, donations to the scholarship are tax deductible and typically eligible for corporate matching gift programs.   

Will the dollar amount I contribute be published or shared with the general public?

No. Donors may be recognized as general contributors to the endowment. However, specific dollar amounts of individual contributions are confidential.     

Can I contribute if I am not an alumnus of Johnson C. Smith University?

Yes. All contributions are welcome.      

When will the first scholarship(s) be awarded?

Under University policy, the scholarship(s) will commence in the fall semester after the full endowment requirement has been raised, and then invested for at least 12-months.   

If I am a Johnson C. Smith alumnus, will my contribution count toward the annual giving campaign?

Yes. Contributions should be made payable to Johnson C. Smith University. Please be sure to note the Dr. Jeffery A. Smith Endowed Scholarship. See the Donate Here tab for more information.